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What We Believe

The Gospel – The Reason We’re Here

The most important message we could share with you is what the Bible calls the gospel of Jesus Christ. In one sense, the whole Bible focuses on this message. Most directly, the gospel is the announcement that God has kept all his promises and sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, to live the perfect life we should live and to die the death we all deserve to die because we have sinned against God and not cherished his glory above all. The gospel proclaims that Jesus rose from the dead to validate all that he did to save from judgment any who turn away from sin and trust exclusively in the Savior that God has provided. Follow this link to the site called “Two Ways to Live.” Click on the phrase “Continue the Presentation” in the middle of the page.

Two Ways to Live


Our Faith in Practice

The link below should open a file containing three important documents for our church. The first is our confession of faith which summarizes the Bible’s core truth surrounding the gospel.

The second is our church covenant. This summarizes the commitments we make to each other as fellow members seeking to display the gospel by the way we live as individuals and as a congregation.

The third is our constitution. This explains how we serve our Lord together, exercising proper authority and making decisions that promote our purpose as a church: to worship and witness to Jesus Christ as our greatest treasure. If you have questions about any of these, please contact our pastor, Bob Flack, at 785-313-1390 or

Combined Membership Documents

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