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You’ll find on these pages the audio recordings for our messages from God’s word preached in our worship services. These messages appear in date order beginning with the most recent. In many cases, links to written manuscripts appear next to the audio link. Please feel free to contact Pastor Bob at if you have questions or have difficulty accessing these resources.

“Who Shall Ascend?” (Psalm 24)

By Bob Flack May 8, 2022

This audio message is the third from Psalm 24 as part of our Summer Psalms series.

“He Founded It upon the Seas” (Psalm 24:1-2)

By Bob Flack May 1, 2022

This audio message is the second from Psalm 24 in the Summer Psalms series.

The World as He Knows It (Psalm 24)

By Bob Flack April 24, 2022

There is no audio available here for this message. Follow this link 1 Psalm 24 to read the manuscript. Navigate to Riverbend Bible on Facebook Live to watch the service. The message beg just before the halfway mark in the...

“In Return for Their Pride” (Zephaniah 1-3)

By Bob Flack January 23, 2022

To read the manuscript for the above message, click Message 02, Zephaniah–Human Pride

“Seek the Lord, All You Humble” (Zephaniah Overview)

By Bob Flack January 16, 2022

To view the slides referred to in this message, click Sermon Slides for 1-16-22 To read the manuscript for this message, click Message 01, Zephaniah Overview

“The Hidden Treasure of a Faithful Pastor” (1 Timothy 4:11-16)

By Bob Flack January 9, 2022

To read the manuscript for this message click here: RBC, Hidden Treasure of a Faithful Pastor To view the photos referred to in this message click here: Photo Slides for 1-9-22

“Saving Our Salt, Shining Our Light” (Matthew 5:13-16)

By Bob Flack January 2, 2022

This is Pastor Bob’s annual “State of the Communion” message from Matthew 5:13-16.

“In Those Days I Will Pour out My Spirit” Advent 2021 #4 (Awaiting a Savior in Joel)

By December 19, 2021

No audio recording for this message, but you can watch the start of the service up to the message by following this link: December 19, 2021 To read and/or download the manuscript for the message follow this link: 2021-#4-Awaiting-a-Savior-28-Joel

“My Compassion Grows Warm and Tender” Advent 2021 #3 (Awaiting A Savior in Hosea)

By Bob Flack December 12, 2021

Click here: 2021-#3-Awaiting-a-Savior-27-Hosea to read or download the manuscript for the message

“My God Sent His Angel” Advent 2021 #2 (Awaiting A Savior in Daniel)

By December 5, 2021

To read and download the manuscript for this audio message, follow this link: 2021-#2-Awaiting-a-Savior-26-Daniel  

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