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Our Worship: Why Do We Share at the Lord’s Table Every Week?

At the heart of our purpose for existing as a church is the gospel of Jesus Christ. We love to meditate on his sinless life, his sacrificial death, and his triumphant resurrection and reign for us and over us. As we preach and pray and sing the Bible, we seek to exalt Christ around this gospel.

One of the most important gifts our Lord gave to us to honor him is his Table. Here we share the bread and cup which declare the gospel and confirm it’s promises to us. We gather around this table to keep the gospel central to our life and worship.

We do not consider weekly observance a mandate from God’s word. Scripture teaches that the Lord’s supper is a practice that Jesus Christ intends us to perpetuate frequently until his return (1 Corinthians 11:26). It is our delight to fulfill this ordinance each week we gather as a communion of saints under our Lord’s authority and the leadership he has raised up for us. We find some evidence that the earliest congregations began such a practice (Acts 20:7)

We intend to protect both the solemnity and joy of our Table worship. We welcome anyone who knows the joy of sins forgiven through Christ’s accomplishment in his atonement to come and eat and drink with us. We ask those who do not belong to Christ and are not living under his Lordship to refrain from participating at the Table but, instead, would consider the seriousness of sin and judgment and the possibility of salvation only through repentance and faith in Jesus.

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