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You’ll find on these pages the audio recordings for our messages from God’s word preached in our worship services. These messages appear in date order beginning with the most recent. In many cases, links to written manuscripts appear next to the audio link. Please feel free to contact Pastor Bob at if you have questions or have difficulty accessing these resources.

“If You Were Blind”

By February 11, 2018

34 — If You Were Blind , 2-11-18

If God Were Your Father

By Bob Flack February 4, 2018

33 — If God Were Your Father, 2-4-18 In this sermon, our Pastor, Bob Flack, preaches from John 8:21-59.

The Light of Life (Part 2)

By Bob Flack January 28, 2018

32 — The Light of LIfe (Part 2), 1-28-18

The Light of Life

By Bob Flack January 21, 2018

31 — The Light of LIfe, 1-21-18 Preaching on John 7:53-8:20, our pastor, Bob, warns against the dangers of using the law as a legalist, and encourages its proper use.

There Was a Division over Him

By Bob Flack January 14, 2018

30 — There Was a Division over Him, 1-14-18 This week, Pastor Bob returns to our series in John, preaching from chapter 7, verses 40-52. You can listen to the sermon here, or read the manuscript.

“Good Hope Through Grace” (2 Thessalonians 2:16-3:3)

By January 7, 2018

Here are the audio and manuscript files for Pastor Bob Flack’s “State of the Communion” message for 2018, reviewing God’s blessings and setting out some plans for the new year. 2018 State of the Communion (2 Thessalonians 2,16-3,3)

“Hear of the Rod” (Micah 6:9-7:7)

By Bob Flack January 29, 2017

“Hear of the Rod” (Micah 6:9-7:7)
listen to the message

“In Praise of Faithfulness”

By Bob Flack January 1, 2017

“In Praise of Faithfulness”
listen to the message

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