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You’ll find on these pages the audio recordings for our messages from God’s word preached in our worship services. These messages appear in date order beginning with the most recent. In many cases, links to written manuscripts appear next to the audio link. Please feel free to contact Pastor Bob at if you have questions or have difficulty accessing these resources.

“Marriage and Family” (Part 3) — Ephesians 5:22-6:9

By Brian Ramirez January 24, 2021

“Marriage and Family” (Part 2) — Genesis 3; Colossians 3:1-4:6

By Brian Ramirez January 17, 2021

“Marriage and Family” (Part 1) — Genesis 2:18-25

By Brian Ramirez January 10, 2021

“Light of the World” (Matthew 5:14-16, State of the Communion 2021)

By January 3, 2021

Download the manuscript here.

“A Voice Weeping” (Advent — Awaiting a Savior, Jeremiah)

By Bob Flack December 20, 2020

  Download the manuscript here.

“A Shoot from the Stump” (Advent — Awaiting a Savior, Isaiah)

By Bob Flack December 13, 2020

Download the Manuscript here.

“Love is Strong as Death” (Advent — Awaiting a Savior, Song of Solomon)

By Bob Flack December 6, 2020

Download the manuscript here.

“There is Nothing Better” (Advent–Awaiting A Savior, Ecclesiastes)

By Bob Flack November 29, 2020

Download the manuscript here.

“I Will Thank You Forever” (Psalm 52:7-9)

By November 22, 2020

Download the manuscript here.

“Family Fellowship” (Philemon #4)

By Bob Flack November 15, 2020

Download the manuscript here.

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